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Bone Grafting

Bone GraftingDental implants are one of the healthiest ways to replace teeth. However, patients must have adequate jawbone density to support the placement of the implant. Because tooth loss can result in bone loss, some patients may suffer extensive bone loss that can interfere with the success of the dental implants. Our Northridge bone grafting expert may recommend additional procedures for these patients to improve the outcome of the dental implant procedure.

Our expert in bone grafting in Northridge may recommend a bone graft procedure if you have experienced bone loss due to advanced periodontal disease, infection, tooth loss, dental trauma, bone defects or inadequate jawbone size. The grafted materials stimulate bone development and create a dense, sturdy foundation for the dental implants. The graft will usually be allowed to heal over the next several months before the dental implants are placed.

Bone Grafting Northridge

Bone grafts can include a variety of procedures that rebuild lost tissue or augment insufficient tissue. Graft materials can include synthetic bone materials, processed donor materials or your own bone. We will explore your treatment options with you and make recommendations that are based on your specific needs.

If you need a bone graft, our Northridge bone grafting expert will generally perform dental X-rays, a CT scan or other images to identify your bone structure and the underlying structures in your mouth. You may be provided with sedation along with anesthetic to ensure your comfort. The graft materials will be placed through a small incision, and the incision will then be closed.

Our expert in bone grafting in Northridge will prescribe you medications that will promote healing. This might include pain medication, antibiotics and an antimicrobial mouth was. We will also provide you with aftercare instructions to reduce your risk of infection or complications. Bone grafts and dental implants both have high rates of success and are unlikely to fail or be rejected. However, some patients, including smokers, may be more likely to experience complications.

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