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Causes of Tooth Decay

causes of tooth decayTooth decay is caused by oral bacteria, which release an acid that erodes teeth. The bacteria live in plaque, which accumulates during our day-to-day lives. The only way to remove plaque is through good brushing and flossing habits, but poor dental hygiene is not the only way you can end up with tooth decay. Other common factors can include:

• Sinus and allergy medications
These are a common cause of dry mouth, which means that saliva will be unable to help remineralize your teeth and dilute acids.

• Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications
These medications also cause dry mouth.

• Fruit juices, vitamin waters, sports drinks
These contain large amounts of sugar and may also contain fruit acids, which work together to erode teeth.

• Sodas
Sugar-sweetened sodas are known hazards to your teeth, but diet sodas are no better. They too contain acid that can erode your teeth.

• Chewable vitamins
The sugar used to flavor them feeds oral bacteria, and the sticky nature of the gummy vitamins in particular keeps the sugar on your teeth longer.

• Cough syrup
Cough syrup contains large amounts of sugar and can coat your teeth. This is particularly bad if you take it before bed.

• Dried fruits
Raisins, dried apricots, and similar dried fruits are as sweet, sticky, and dangerous as candy.

Keeping your teeth cavity-free requires a tooth-friendly lifestyle. Regular dental checkups and good dental hygiene play an important role, but your diet, medications, and other things can undermine your efforts if you are not careful. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule your next appointment with our expert in root canal in Northridge.

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