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Habits That Damage the Teeth


Habits That Damage the Teeth

Are your teeth as healthy as they could be? For a lot of people, their answer is no. Some everyday habits can be surprisingly damaging for your teeth. If you have any of these five bad habits, then your smile may be at risk.

1. Thumb-sucking
This common habit can show up before birth, but many children hang onto it even after their permanent teeth erupt. Thumb-sucking may comfort your child, but it can also force teeth into an unnatural position and affect the growth of the palate. By ceasing it early, you can help prevent the need for extra orthodontic treatment in the future.

2. Eating lemons
As with any citrus fruit, lemons are a good source of vitamin C, but they can also be quite corrosive to your teeth. That is because lemons are highly acidic. These acids wash over your teeth, softening their enamel. To get your lemon fix without risking your teeth, try adding a few lemon slices to your water for a refreshing drink with fewer risks.

3. Drinking soda
Soda can also be highly acidic, as well as sugar. Every time you take a drink, the acids splash past your teeth leaving damaged enamel in their wake. The sugar then feeds the harmful bacteria in the mouth that cause decay. If you are not ready to kick the soda habit, try using a straw to minimize contact. You can also try fruit-infused water to get flavor without the damage.

4. Using teeth as tools
Most people have used their teeth a time or two to open a stubborn package, but this nasty habit can have serious consequences, ranging from chipped teeth to broken jaws. Always use scissors or another appropriate tool and keep your teeth for food.

5. Aggressive brushing
Brushing harder is often believed to be brushing better, but it can actually damage your teeth. For this reason, most dentists recommend using a soft-bristled brush, gentle pressure and small circular motions when you brush. Spend about two minutes at a time brushing to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Your smile can stay healthy and beautiful for life with the right dental habits. Call us today to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our dentist.


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