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Multiple Teeth Dental Implants

Missing teeth can hurt more than the appearance of your smile. After teeth are lost, the jawbone begins to resorb, or deteriorate, around the gap. As the bone tissue decreases, other teeth can shift or tilt into the space left behind. The facial structure can collapse, which can increase wrinkling and the appearance of aging. The resulting misalignments can make your teeth harder to keep clean, which can increase your risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay. Our Northridge multiple teeth dental implants expert can help.

Our expert in multiple teeth dental implants in Northridge offers dental implants, which are considered the standard of care when it comes to tooth replacement. Dental implants restore your teeth in a way that allows you to continue enjoying your favorite foods, socializing with confidence and speaking fearlessly. They are remarkably stable and stimulate the jawbone to maintain both the oral structures and the appearance of your face.

Multiple Teeth Dental Implants Northridge

If you are a candidate for multiple dental implants, our Northridge multiple teeth dental implants expert will need several visits to evaluate your smile, create a treatment plan and implant and restore your new teeth. Dental X-rays and other imaging tests may be needed to identify the best way to proceed with the treatment. Once the implants are placed, good dental hygiene can promote healing. You may experience mild swelling and discomfort, but following our recommendations can help decrease your risk of complications.

Temporary restorations may be placed along with the implants. This will allow you to feel more confident as the implants heal. Over the next few months, the bone tissue will heal around the titanium implants and anchor them securely. Our expert in multiple teeth dental implants in Northridge will then be able to place your permanent restorations, which can include porcelain crowns, dental bridges or dentures.

While multiple dental implants are an excellent solution to tooth loss, they may not be right for every patient. We can provide personalized recommendations at your consultation to ensure the best possible outcome for your situation. Contact our dental office today to learn more or to schedule your consultation with our dentist in Northridge.

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