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Pocket Reduction Surgery

Pocket Reduction SurgeryYour gums are designed to support and protect your teeth while the jawbone anchors your teeth securely into place. Periodontal disease can affect these tissues, which leaves teeth vulnerable. Periodontal disease is a serious gum infection that affects the gums and jawbone and can lead to significant tissue, bone and tooth loss. Our Northridge pocket reduction surgery expert offers a variety of treatments to combat periodontal disease and restore overall dental health.

Pocket reduction surgery or other periodontal treatments may be necessary if you have moderate or advanced periodontal disease, gum recession or bone deterioration. It may be needed before you can undergo other restorative procedures, such as dental implant placement. Our expert in pocket reduction surgery in Northridge can evaluate your smile and make recommendations that are based on your unique smile needs. Our goal will be to control the infection, promote long-term dental health and restore lost tissues.

Pocket Reduction Surgery Northridge

Before you undergo a pocket reduction surgery, our expert in pocket reduction surgery in Northridge may recommend a deep cleaning called a scaling and root planing. As the infection spreads through the gums, they begin to pull away from the teeth and create pockets. These pockets harbor dangerous oral bacteria and allow them to grow and spread more easily and deeply into the mouth.

These pockets are difficult to clean and can allow the infection to penetrate deep inside the oral cavity, so your daily dental hygiene routine may not be enough. A scaling and root planing procedure allows us to remove all buildup above and below the gumline to promote reattachment of healthy gum tissues. Antimicrobial agents may be applied to combat infection and reduce the populations of oral bacteria that are still in the pockets.

Our Northridge pocket reduction surgery expert will then be able to perform one of several different surgical procedures that allow us to tighten the gum tissue and eliminate the pockets. A pocket reduction surgery can make it easier for you to keep your teeth and gums clean, which can promote healing and reduce the risk of future periodontal damage.

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