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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal TreatmentFew dental treatments can make people as uneasy as a root canal treatment, but root canal treatments can play an important role in your dental health. Each tooth in your smile plays an important role not just in the way your smile looks but also in the way that your smile functions. If a tooth is infected or severely damaged by decay or dental trauma, you may be at risk of losing it, which can put your other teeth at risk. Our Northridge root canal treatment expert may recommend a root canal treatment to preserve the tooth and protect your dental health.

A root canal treatment is designed to remove the infected tissue while preserving the actual structure of the tooth. If you are a candidate for a root canal treatment, our expert in sedation dentistry in Northridge will first numb the area for your comfort. If you are particularly uncomfortable or nervous about the procedure, we may also provide you with sedation to help you relax.

Root Canal Treatment Northridge

Once the area is numb, the damaged or infected tissues will be removed, and the chambers inside the tooth, or the root canals, will be cleaned and disinfected. A special material will be used to close off the root canals, which prevents bacteria from accessing these chambers, and a temporary filling will be placed to protect the tooth. If the infection was particularly bad, the procedure may need to be repeated after inflammation has decreased to ensure all the affected tissue has been removed. In some cases, our Northridge root canal treatment expert may prescribe antibiotics to promote healing and combat infection.

After the tooth has healed, our expert in root canal treatment in Northridge will restore the tooth. Although a dental filling can be used, a porcelain crown will generally be a better choice. That is because a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy may be more brittle than adjacent teeth and, therefore, prone to fracture. The dental crown will be used to restore the tooth’s appearance, health and strength.

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