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Tooth Bleaching

Tooth BleachingBrushing your teeth twice a day and flossing every day are some of the best ways to keep your teeth healthy and attractive. However, regular tooth brushing may not be enough to combat stains from your regular diet or any habits you have, such as smoking or chewing tobacco. If you have stained teeth, tooth bleaching may help restore your bright smile and your smile confidence. Our Northridge tooth bleaching expert can make recommendations that can help you achieve your whitest smile ever.

Our expert in tooth bleaching in Northridge can use several whitening or bleaching methods to erase stains that were caused by:

•    Nicotine
•    Soft drinks
•    Wine
•    Coffee
•    Juices and berries
•    Tomato sauce
•    Curries
•    Candies and gums
•    Tea
•    Energy drinks

One of the most popular bleaching methods is in-office bleaching. If you are a candidate for in-office whitening, the bleaching solution will be painted directly onto your teeth. Our Northridge tooth bleaching expert will then activate the solution using a high-intensity light, which sends the bleaching gel deep into the enamel and dentin of the tooth to whiten it. In just one hour, which can include several bleaching sessions, your teeth may be as much as eight shades whiter. A fluoride treatment may be recommended to reduce sensitivity.

Tooth Bleaching Northridge

Take-home treatments are also popular. If you are a candidate for take-home whitening, our expert in tooth bleaching in Northridge will tailor a mouth tray to fit the unique contours of your smile. We will then give you a special prescription-strength tooth bleaching solution and instructions for its use. You will use it for the prescribed amount of time every day or night for whitening results that are steady, gradual and extremely satisfying.

Patients who have intrinsic stains, or stains that are caused by fluorosis or antibiotic use, or patients with numerous visible restorations may benefit from porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are not a traditional whitening method but instead use wafer-thin layers of porcelain to conceal not just stains and discolorations but also worn enamel, chips, fractures and even misalignments.

If you have stained teeth but want a more attractive smile, we can help. Contact our Northridge dentist today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

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