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Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

Tooth Colored Dental FillingsTooth-colored dental fillings are a great alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. They can restore the strength and appearance of your tooth without the telltale silver appearance that so many patients dislike. Our Northridge dental fillings expert may recommend tooth colored dental fillings if you have a tooth that is damaged or decayed.

When tooth decay has compromised the structure of your tooth, the damaged enamel must be removed and a dental filling placed. Amalgam fillings were once the only option, but today, our Northridge tooth colored fillings expert can offer you other options. Tooth-colored dental fillings use a special composite of plastic and glass that can be bonded to the tooth. This creates a subtle restoration that blends seamlessly with the rest of your smile. In some cases, tooth-colored dental fillings may also be used to protect exposed roots.

Tooth Colored Dental Fillings Northridge

If you are a candidate for a tooth-colored filling, our expert in dental fillings in Northridge will begin by numbing the area that needs the filling. After the damaged tissue is removed, the tooth will be cleaned and dried. The composite resin will be applied in thin layers and cured with a special light. The composite will be carefully shaped to fit the tooth precisely and polished for a more attractive appearance.

One of the biggest benefits of composite resin fillings is their appearance. Patients can continue smiling broadly and fearlessly, and their fillings will never announce their presence. Because the material bonds to the tooth, less healthy tooth structure needs to be removed, which allows for better dental health. Additionally, the tooth-colored filling material can actually strengthen the tooth and can help prevent breakage due to temperature extremes.

Composite resin fillings can last years when properly maintained. Our expert in tooth colored fillings in Northridge recommends biannual checkups and cleanings along with good daily dental hygiene that includes twice-daily brushing and daily flossing. Avoid coffee, wine, tea or other substances that can stain your restoration, and let us know if you tend to grind your teeth, which can damage both your teeth and your fillings.

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