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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth ExtractionWisdom teeth are the last four molars to erupt in the mouth. While wisdom teeth occasionally erupt without incident, many people simply do not have enough room in their jaws for these extra molars. The teeth can then become impacted, which means they can get trapped in the jaw, erupt partially, erupt sideways or erupt otherwise improperly in a way that threatens your smile health. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, our Northridge wisdom teeth extraction expert may recommend extraction.

If you are a candidate for wisdom teeth extraction, our expert in wisdom teeth extraction in Northridge will begin by giving you a local anesthetic to numb your gums and the nerves around the tooth. If you are having all of your wisdom teeth removed, a general anesthetic may be used instead, and you will sleep throughout the procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Northridge

A simple extraction may be used if the tooth is visible in the mouth, but a surgical extraction may be necessary if the tooth has not yet erupted or has erupted improperly. After the tooth has been extracted, our Northridge wisdom teeth extraction expert may place stitches to help control bleeding and promote healing. You will be instructed to apply slight pressure to a cotton gauze pad at the extraction site, which can also help control bleeding and help a clot form.

After the extraction, our expert in wisdom teeth extraction in Northridge will provide you with specific aftercare instructions. You may need to use an ice pack in the first hours after the procedure to reduce swelling. You may also need to adjust your activity level to reduce the risk of bleeding. Soft foods may be necessary for a few days, and you will need to avoid smoking or using a straw, which can delay healing and increase your risk of complications. A warm salt water rinse can help ease pain and swelling, and our dentist may also prescribe antibiotics or pain relievers if necessary. Good dental hygiene as you heal will reduce your risk of infection.

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